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Website Development

Our website development and design teams work collaboratively through each stage of your website so you never have to worry about a detachment between having a website you can edit yourself and having a captivating design that tells your story.

We believe that a project’s integrity lies within creating work that is sustainable to maintain and optimizes performance and usability for both our clients and their consumers. Our website development allows for topline growth and lead generation. 

 Our goal is for your website to be user-friendly on both the front and back end, which is why we develop sites and provide training that allows you to comfortably edit all necessary parts of the site yourself. By combining thoughtful UI and UX, our development allows for higher conversion rates, better brand recognition, and more qualified leads.

Our designers listen to your story and vision and then evaluate and craft: a brand impression that is strategic, consistent, and intriguing.

Buckeye Interactive’s design team works to create brand impressions that are strategic, consistent, and intriguing. Evaluating where you are in your branding journey, we design print, digital, and social assets. We also collaborate with our development team to provide you with a competitive and on trend website or application design. Your design will speak to your brand’s story and move it closer to your overall brand vision.

By utilizing Buckeye Interactive’s design expertise, you will have an aligned visual style and system that is fully tailored to your needs. Through open communication and discovery, our team will parallel the professionalism and tone of your overall site or campaign goals with stunning visuals, an interactive digital experience, and inviting messaging. We create style with substance that avoids potential disconnect in your consumer’s experience. 

By collaborating with experts in content strategy you will have a clear direction and a sustainable plan to make sure your content is high-quality, captivates your target audience and makes sure your brand continues to authentically grow. 

Words are just as important as a user friendly design and well-oiled code. They have the power to grasp a user’s attention immediately. Layered with thoughtful marketing strategy, our content marketing team captures your brand voice and creates compelling and actionable content that speaks directly to your target audience. Our mission is to create an ownable brand experience. During our time together we will utilize the current strengths of your branding and evolve any necessary brand components to connect with consumers. 

Your branding and messaging will translate beautifully and seamlessly across multiple media platforms in order to authentically connect with your different consumer bases. To do this,  we create content that resonates with your target audience and the parts of your business that truly define you. By creating custom content for your company’s needs, you will have the means necessary to engage with your audience and bring in qualified leads.

Our application development allows your company to thrive and operate more efficiently. Our technology solutions are effective, customizable, and scalable, and unique for your brand’s challenges compared to out of the box options.

We write software that integrates multiple systems together in order to help your company operate efficiently. We engineer web applications and mobile apps that have the power to automate business processes that are otherwise labor and resource intensive and/or error-prone.

With Buckeye Interactive’s application development you will be able to have more efficient, customizable, and effective technology solutions for your brand’s unique challenges instead of relying on an out of the box option. Our applications are created to encourage self-service customer onboarding, quantified quality control metrics on business processes, and the ability to scale faster with fewer employees. We engineer with frameworks (Laravel, React Native, etc.) that reduce development and maintenance costs while also speeding up time to market so that our clients have the best opportunities for success possible.

Our attentive support team manages and ensures the high performance and uptime of your web servers by proactively monitoring for issues and addressing them with the goal of you not even noticing. 

At Buckeye Interactive, we manage your web hosting so you feel confident that your website or application is always being cared for. Our goal is to be highly responsive to your needs and to show uncommon speed and agility in the work we do. This is why we invest in always having developers working on both 24/7 support escalation and weekly support rotation.

We ensure high performance and uptime of your web servers, proactively monitoring for issues and addressing them with the goal of you not even noticing. The cost of our team maintaining your web servers will be lower than in-house hosting due to our specialization and automation.

Like going to the doctor for your yearly checkup, like getting an oil change, like working out – infrastructure management is a preventative measure to insure your site works smoothly. 

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“We’re almost to a year with the website and it has been fantastic. For the first time EVER I’ve been able to update all the programs and dates for the new school year myself. WordPress has allowed us a flexibility and timeliness to web updates that we’ve never had before.” 

Sue Tenney, Education Coordinator at Ohio Energy Project