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We strive to design and develop the best, most user-friendly websites for our clients and then empower them with the knowledge to maintain them. We combine best practices with superior customer service, high-tech solutions where they make sense, and real business value by understanding our client’s business and industry.

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Website Strategic Planning & Auditing

icon-strategyWe want to give your business a strategic plan that not only clearly defines your goals, but that also creates an effective web presence fueled by innovative ideas and in-depth analysis. Throughout our strategic planning process, we will work with you to determine the best approach for your website, with the end goal being visitor attraction and retention. Our offerings include Key Performance Indicator definition and analysis, usability sessions, and competitive and keyword research. Already have a website? Let us do a comprehensive website audit to give you actionable insights that will measurably improve your ROI.

Custom Responsive Web Design

icon-designA great website needs great design, and that’s exactly what we’ll give you. We thrive on the creation of new ideas and the process of communicating them through detail-oriented imagery, typography, layout, and code. Each and every design is unique – no templates ‘round these parts. We firmly believe that building a striking website begins with a solid, fully realized design aesthetic, and taking your business or organization to the next level is something we’re very passionate about. Our custom design offerings not only inspire users to take action, they have purpose. Let us help your company thrive in a digital world through attractive, brand-encompassing design with a harmonious user experience.

Website Development (WordPress & Drupal)

icon-developmentIs your geek holding your site hostage? We won’t let that happen to you. As a leading development agency in central Ohio, our team builds upon a strong CMS (content management system) backbone based in WordPress or Drupal. This gives you the power to add and update the content of your website — without the supervision of a software developer. Additionally, we offer custom plugins, modules, and themes to give your site a unique look that’s within your budget. In today’s web environment, a business must stay ahead of emerging technologies and trends, and our development strategy is based upon this fundamental idea.

E-commerce Development (WooCommerce)

icon-ecommerceThe Internet is the most cost-effective sales channel available today — so if you’re not already making use of it, now’s the time to get started. Our developers are trained and certified to deliver core functionality and custom features to help you stand apart from the competitors. We’ll develop your online storefront from the ground up, or optimize an existing e-commerce site to improve sales (sometimes by as much as 50-100%)! Using the leading technology platforms, we will leave you with a fully realized, high-performing e-commerce solution.

Web Application Development (Laravel & CakePHP)

icon-webappdevelopmentWeb applications are highly-customized, scalable, intricately-branded websites with unique functionality. When your needs go beyond the use of a standard Content Management System (CMS), we will build your custom site using the precise architecture and design of Laravel, CakePHP or a similar MVC framework. Combining our strategic planning process and expertise with a wide variety of the latest technologies, we will develop and launch a striking, user-friendly web app that meets your unique needs!

Mobile Application Development (PhoneGap)

icon-mobileappdevelopmentWhen you need more functionality than a web browser easily supports, it may be time to develop a mobile application. Our team works together with clients under an astute, iterative development process with the final goal being a feature-rich mobile app that makes use of the latest iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android features. We offer end-to-end app development with a focus on creating a product that launches your business into the future. With expert design, development, and strategy on-staff, we are fully equipped to deliver quality user experience at the best possible value.