Buckeye Interactive Team Values


Be Clever.

We're resourceful and creative problem solvers. We work efficiently and with purpose to create effective processes and products for our clients. We’re dedicated to innovating our way around hurdles to delivering great results. We love what we do, and our hard work and passion drive us forward.

We love startups and entrepreneurs. We want to contribute to the impact small businesses have on our economy and community. We focus first on building a working solution to test assumptions before moving on to the next iteration—an approach that requires an engineering mindset with determination.


Take Action.

The problems we face when undertaking web engineering challenges are complex, and at times, daunting. Those are the challenges we embrace, and we pride ourselves on our ability to take on the most complex business and technical challenges and produce thoughtful, innovative solutions.

Each of us on the team is responsible for the quality of work we do and we take it upon ourselves to see solutions through to completion. We rarely have all of the information or resources we need at first, but we take initiative to find those resources, pursue the best possible path, and find a solution.


Everyone Contributes.

Our best decisions and ideas are made when we are surrounded by people who respect and care for each other. Successful relationships require authenticity and transparency with appreciation for the value each of us offers. Engineering, design, and strategy are not distinct disciplines at Buckeye Interactive—they are processes and tools used together to achieve the greatest results.

We strive to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations, and collaborate to deliver outcomes which add real value to our clients, projects, and the community as a whole.

Buckeye Interactive Team Mission

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to drive meaningful change in our community. Through unparalleled access to exceptional web engineering and design, we amplify the impact these innovators have on our world.