Tech Terms: What is File Transfer Protocol?

FTP, IP, SMTP, or IMAP all have a unique purpose. Each acronym stands for a particular protocol.  A well-known protocol you may recognize and often utilize is HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol.  HTTP is used to access information, data, and files through a network such as the Internet. For this blog post on tech terms,Read More»

Our Office Playlists, Our Buckeye Culture

The working environment at Buckeye Interactive is similar to working environments elsewhere. Except for one thing–our music. We love music, and most of us can’t work without it. It’s a huge part of our culture, especially because all of our music tastes and office playlists differ. Sometimes, we spend an entire lunch discussing new genresRead More»

YouTube SEO: Video Optimization

Yes, YouTube SEO exists. Surprised? Don’t worry – we were, too, when we first delved into everything SEO-related. We thought Search Engine Optimization? Easy – it’s all about Google. While Google is the single most used search engine in the world, it’s obviously not the only one. To list a few, there’s Bing, Yahoo,,Read More»

Gender Bias in the Open Source Community

Gender bias. Stealing code. Racial discrimination. We’ve seen all of this in open source communities. And we know it involves ethics. Ethics is a subject that many talk about daily. Whether it is related to health, religious beliefs, or politics, oftentimes it coincides with the “grey area” topic. We’ll be focusing on certain ethical issuesRead More»

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Tech Terms: What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing. Two words that seem pretty straightforward, but do you truly understand them, apart and together? Let’s take a brief moment to dive deep into the meaning and break it down. Content is all information you push out to your target audience that gives them insight into your business. It is an engaging wayRead More»

4 Instagram Themes to Consider for your Business Account

Instagram hosts about 500 million active users a day. According to Forbes, Instagram is the 2nd most popular social media platform right now. Producing visual content that is aesthetically pleasing is the key to a thriving account. The main idea is to grab the attention of a target demographic and generate some kind of engagement.Read More»

SXSW – Here We Come!

From March 8th to the 12th, the Buckeye Interactive team will once again take Austin, Texas, by storm to learn, network, and bond at South by Southwest Interactive! SXSW is an interactive festival for creative professionals from all around the country. It’s filled with everything imaginable! From innovative sessions to different festivals to the exhibitions,Read More»

Readability & SEO: Every Word Matters

When working on SEO, there are so many aspects you need to keep in mind. From readability to outbound links, Google considers all of these factors and ranks your site based on how it performs across the board. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind deals with the content on your site.Read More»

What is a Content Management System?

This month, we are starting out with our first post in our Tech Term Series. Oftentimes those who end up working closely with a dev team do not know all the lingo that goes with it. Nonetheless, we are here to help you become an informed student of the trade. So this week, we areRead More»

Link Building Breakdown: Google’s Perspective

Link building has always been a problem for businesses and SEO professionals alike. We all know that backlinks are still a large part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Google’s statements regarding links, however, make most people afraid of engaging in any sort of link building strategy. If we take a look at what exactly Google considersRead More»

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