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Welcome, Krishna Mullapudi, Software Engineer!

And just like that, we’ve grown again. This past month, our very own Krishna Mullapudi went from Software Engineer Intern to Software Engineer! Krishna is not completely new to our team, as we’ve had the pleasure of working with him this past summer. As his role evolves on the Buckeye Interactive team, we want toRead More»

Our Core Values & What They Mean

In almost every single one of our blog posts, we mention the word “values.” And, definitely, in all of our blog posts and in everything we do, we keep our core values in mind. They guide the way we work, of course, but more importantly, they guide the way we conduct ourselves. Our company cultureRead More»

Celebrating Our Interns on National Intern Day!

Our favorite day of the summer has arrived AGAIN. National Intern Day.  National Intern Day is the perfect day to celebrate the wonderful experience and views our interns bring to our organization. After all, we probably learn more from them than they do from us!  This summer, we were fortunate to bring on board twoRead More»

tech terms: secure shell (SSH)

Tech Terms: What is Secure Shell (SSH)?

Since the Internet’s inception, we’ve dealt with a plethora of cyber security issues. Before we finish investigating one threat, five more pop up. Every minute, over 1000 people are hacked worldwide, and as such, according to The Ethical Hacker, we are not very safe at all. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel!Read More»

Open Source for your Business

Open Source for Your Business

Scenario: I want to redesign and re-platform my website. I’ve heard cases for using proprietary software and cases for using open source. But I am trying to figure out what the best route for my business will be. We’ve heard many scenarios like the one above. To help you make the best decision for yourRead More»

Join Our Team, Resume Resume - Meet Sandy, Business Development Manager

Welcome, Sandy Murphy, Business Development Manager!

  We have some exciting news! Our team has grown again. We brought on a Monte-Carlo loving, adventure seeking, mushroom hunting, experienced, Business Development Manager! Meet Sandy Murphy! Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten to know Sandy more deeply. We wanted to share a glimpse of her world, so we sat down and hadRead More»

Open Source Software for Web Designers

Whenever you’re in the tech world, you hear terms like “front end,” “back end,” “open source,” “proprietary,” and so much more. These terms can get overwhelming if you don’t know what they mean. It’s especially important to understand open source and proprietary, and we’re here to help! Open source in general means something that anyoneRead More»

Creativity vs Conformity in Marketing

Marketing, in today’s world, is evolving not by the week or the day or the hour–marketing is evolving by the minute. And if you or your company aren’t constantly evolving with it, it can have negative effects on your marketing efforts. There are two ways companies try to stay in the game: They jump onRead More»

15 Seconds Festival & Aristotle’s Golden Mean

Have you ever been to a professional conference that’s as much about embracing innovation as it is about proceeding with caution? That’s as much about creativity as it is about morality? I’ve just left Graz, Austria, and the 15 Seconds Festival that happened here, in this beautiful little Austrian city that seems to be bothRead More»

Preventing Accessibility Lawsuits for Your Website

Note: Buckeye Interactive is not a law firm and the following should not be considered legal advice.   “A $66 million contract that was supposed to let people make reservations online for state parks and campgrounds has produced a website that is inaccessible to nearly 1 million blind or vision-impaired Californians, and the contractor shouldRead More»

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