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Brad is a web strategist and architect with equal passion for web technology and startup business strategy. He founded Buckeye Interactive after several years of consulting and developing web applications in-house for companies including JPMorgan Chase, QUALCOMM and the Go Big Network. Brad earned a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

Yes, it’s just about as bad as it sounds. But no, it’s not a medical condition, and no one will die from it. In a Nutshell The Heartbleed Vulnerability (formally known as CVE-2014-0160) is a severe problem. Techies and consumers alike need to know about it and take action. The vulnerability is severe. In short,… [Read more]

I was asked recently by a local tech startup attorney, Dave Gillespie, to comment on some of the technical details of the DNS system as they relate to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Below is an excerpt of the full article “SOPA – Cutting Through the Hype” written by Scott Brown, intellectual property attorney… [Read more]

This afternoon, Jessica and I are attending a series of 3 workshops at the Columbus Convention Center that were brought here by Google.  They call the program “Ohio Get Your Business Online” (, and they’re running these events all over the country with similar names.  I will fill in more details as we go. Get… [Read more]

Some of our readers may want to build their own websites, or at least understand the process from start to finish. If you're an adventurous do-it-yourself kind of business owner, hopefully this guide will give you enough information to launch your own basic website. Before jumping into this process, you should definitely put some thought… [Read more]

A developer friend of mine, Tian Davis, posted a little commentary about Five Skills Every Freelancer Must Have.  He based his comments on his experience as a developer and on a talk given my Nathaniel Talbott some time ago.  See Tian's post for a summary and an embedded video. I agree with most of Nathaniel's points,… [Read more]

Last week I introduced the Content Management System (CMS) and some of the reasons why I recommend selecting an open source CMS like WordPress or Drupal for your web site.  This week, I would like to go more in depth on Drupal, and I will let Six Revisions take the discussion even further with their… [Read more]

A Content Management System (CMS) is the holy grail of websites. It's what every small business owner needs for his/her website. Let me explain… Every business should have a website, but I know many business owners don't think they can afford to have one developed because web developers are so expensive (unless you offshore the… [Read more]