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How Much does a Website Cost?

Introduction By far, the most common question web development firms receive from first-time clients is “How much does a website cost?” Buying a website is a lot like buying a car. A Lamborghini will cost a lot more than a used Honda Civic. Each car has a specific purpose and price point; websites are theRead More»

CES 2017: From Columbus to Eureka Park

I’ve been attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for years with my dad. It’s always an amazing showcase of technology that’s here today with a taste of what we can expect in the next 5+ years. At CES 2017, some of the hottest trending technologies I saw were Amazon Alexa-enabled devices (TV’s,Read More»

Buckeye Interactive at The White House

Last week, I was invited to return to the White House for the second-annual National Day of Civic Hacking Hackathon. In all, there were just over a dozen developers (compared with last year’s 30-or-so) from organizations like, Care2, Microsoft, and more. Before the afternoon demos, we got to hear from Deputy CIO Karen Britton (a.k.a. “The Woman Who Puts The Blackberry in the President’s Hand”) on the importance of open data and private citizens getting involved with Government, then the White House team shared words of encouragement from President Obama.

OpenSSL “Heartbleed” vulnerability: as bad as it sounds?

Yes, it’s just about as bad as it sounds. But no, it’s not a medical condition, and no one will die from it. In a Nutshell The Heartbleed Vulnerability (formally known as CVE-2014-0160) is a severe problem. Techies and consumers alike need to know about it and take action. The vulnerability is severe. In short,Read More»

Caring is Cool (Again): Lessons from SXSW ’14

This year I was lucky enough to join other members of the Buckeye Interactive team in attending SXSW Interactive in beautiful Austin, TX. There were six of us on the trip this year: Sarah, Brad, Tony, Josh, Paul, and myself (better luck next time, Lorraine, Patrick, and Tori!). Now that I’ve had a few days to recuperate, it’s time to share what I picked up this year.

A recurring theme among some of the [less-technical] sessions I attended was that it’s finally cool (again) to care about the product! For the past few years it’s felt like a lot of agencies were falling into a “push it out the door as quick as possible, we’ll fix whatever’s broken after launch” mentality, which has never sat right with me. I’d prefer to spend the time upfront to release a higher-quality, less-than-full-featured product than one that’s buggy or feels half-assed. It seems like a lot of the speakers were finally(!) putting the emphasis back on craftsmanship.

The Five Stages of CodeMash

Last week Josh and I ventured north to Sandusky, land of Cedar Point, for CodeMash 2014. For the uninitiated, CodeMash is a software development conference held every January at the Kalahari Resort, a massive hotel with a great conference venue and indoor/outdoor waterparks. The conference focuses on .NET and Ruby development but there’s always a good share of front-end, design, hardware, professional development, and the occasional PHP course thrown in. Alongside the main conference there’s also a track called KidzMash, a series of games and learning experiences targeted towards children.

Regaining Access to the WordPress Administration Area After the 1&1 Hosting Compromise

Today we received an email from another agency in town that we like to partner with, asking for help with one of the sites they manage. The front-end of the site was working fine but whenever they attempted to access the WordPress administration area (/wp-admin) they were redirected to After checking the wp-config.php file, searching the database, and grepping the codebase we came up short; there was nothing under our control that should be causing that. Other URLs in /wp-admin were still accessible, we were just being blocked from accessing wp-login.php.

An Entrepreneur’s Experience with Google Glass

President of Buckeye Interactive, Brad Griffith, recently purchased the brand new Google Glass. Although he’s only had it for about two weeks, here’s what he has to say about his experience so far. So far I am less than 2 weeks into the Explorer program, so I haven’t yet developed my own Glassware apps orRead More»

Buckeye Interactive Movember Update: Week 4

As the cold December weather sets in we can finally say goodbye to the mustaches that have adorned our upper lips for the past 30-odd days. Last night was our Buckeye Interactive Movember ’13 Closing Ceremony, held at Creekside Local Cantina in Gahanna. Awards were given, Mustache Rides (the establishment’s signature margarita) were enjoyed, and a separately-organized trivia night conveniently kept everyone entertained and enabled “Team Mo'” to exhibit our considerable trivia prowess.

Buckeye Interactive Movember Update: Week 3

It’s hard to believe there’s only one week left in Movember ’13; it seems like only yesterday we were clean-shaven, speculating what kinds of mustaches we’d be growing as pledges came in on the Mustache Auction. Some of the team mustaches are actually pretty impressive while others…well, some people just look better clean-shaven. We’ve stuck with it all month and raised several hundred dollars towards prostate and testicular cancer research, so that’s something to be proud of regardless of mustache thickness or consistency.