SEO In-Depth: Choosing & Using Your Keyword

It’s been a while since we’ve last written about SEO. But we’re back at it as a reminder to you and to us that it’s crucial we keep SEO in the back of our minds as we conduct our daily work. There are so many components of SEO, and it gets overwhelming, especially if you’reRead More»

Thought Bubble with Letters for Alt Text

Adding Alt Text and Being Inclusive

Inclusivity is intentionally including groups of marginalized people who otherwise would be excluded. There are many ways to be inclusive in this world. Many have dedicated their life’s work to identifying these ways. One way that many of us can be inclusive is to include alt text on our websites. Hence, the topic of this post.Read More»

Spinach pizza on wooden cutting board - Foodie Restaurants in Columbus

Foodie Restaurants in Columbus Everyone Should Try

There are so many things that make up our lives – family, friends, work, food. And at Buckeye Interactive food is definitely one of those things. We are all a bunch of foodies at heart over here at Buckeye Interactive. So naturally, we gathered our top 5 foodie restaurants in the Columbus area we thinkRead More»

halloween fonts for 2019

Top 5 Halloween Fonts for 2019

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s the day we all crave as an excuse to dress up in extravagant costumes and eat tons of candy. We picked the brain of our lead designer, for his thoughts on the top Halloween fonts for 2019. Why? Because this is also the time of year where weRead More»

Buckeye’s Tips for Working Remotely

How many people do you know who are working remotely? Probably at least a few! Remote work is on the rise and has been for the last few years. More and more companies are seeing the advantages of remote work, and we are definitely one of those companies! Currently, we have three full-time remote employees.Read More»

Big Table Talk 8.28.19 Community Forum

2019 Buckeye Big Table Talk

The Big Table Talk gives central Ohio residents from all walks of life the opportunity to participate in conversations around the Columbus area collectively on a selected day. The goal is to build a strong and connected community. At Buckeye Interactive, our community is one of our biggest driving forces. Last year was our firstRead More»

Welcome, Krishna Mullapudi, Software Engineer! -- Join Our Team Resume Resume

Welcome, Krishna Mullapudi, Software Engineer!

And just like that, we’ve grown again. This past month, our very own Krishna Mullapudi went from Software Engineer Intern to Software Engineer! Krishna is not completely new to our team, as we’ve had the pleasure of working with him this past summer. As his role evolves on the Buckeye Interactive team, we want toRead More»

Our Core Values & What They Mean

In almost every single one of our blog posts, we mention the word “values.” And, definitely, in all of our blog posts and in everything we do, we keep our core values in mind. They guide the way we work, of course, but more importantly, they guide the way we conduct ourselves. Our company cultureRead More»

Celebrating Our Interns on National Intern Day!

Our favorite day of the summer has arrived AGAIN. National Intern Day.  National Intern Day is the perfect day to celebrate the wonderful experience and views our interns bring to our organization. After all, we probably learn more from them than they do from us!  This summer, we were fortunate to bring on board twoRead More»

tech terms: secure shell (SSH)

Tech Terms: What is Secure Shell (SSH)?

Since the Internet’s inception, we’ve dealt with a plethora of cyber security issues. Before we finish investigating one threat, five more pop up. Every minute, over 1000 people are hacked worldwide, and as such, according to The Ethical Hacker, we are not very safe at all. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel!Read More»

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