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Tech Terms: Cloud Computing

2020 has been declared “The Year of the Cloud.” Cloud computing has become notorious for offering faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Because of this, we knew we had to explore cloud computing on this issue of our Tech Terms Series! What is Cloud Computing? “Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computingRead More»

Why You Should Care About Voice Search!

How many times a day do you find yourself doing a voice search? How often do you ask your smart speaker a question?   In the U.S., more than 66 million (or more than 26 percent) people own a smart speaker. This represents nearly a 40 percent growth from January 2018 to January 2019. This makesRead More»

What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Brad Griffith I’ve been struck this year by the generosity of our community–both the philanthropic giving and volunteering from New Albany residents and businesses as well as the selflessness of new business mentors I’ve met this year. Everyone from Les Wexner to Jane Grote Abell and Phil Heit to my Entrepreneurs’ Organization peer group hasRead More»

E-A-T: A Principle-Based SEO Lens

When searching for what Google’s main ranking factors are for SEO, you will be shown many different lists. These lists vary in size, and they try to tell you which ranking factors are the most important and in what order. They all typically mention that there are over 200 different ranking factors we know about.Read More»

What to Consider When Managing Multiple Websites

Many of our clients – such as libraries or government entities – must manage multiple websites for various branch offices or departments. If you’re responsible for many sites, you’re probably spending much of your day managing them. That means you’re not getting much else accomplished!  There are a few things you can do to streamlineRead More»

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How to Navigate your Company’s Team Lunch

16% of employees say coworker relationships is a contributor to a positive employee experience (Globoforce)  And where are coworker relationships primarily built? At team lunch.  Team lunch is exhilarating to think about, but also a bit scary. What will you talk about today? What if the topic is something you can’t relate to? Or whatRead More»

SEO In-Depth: Optimizing Your Meta Descriptions

We’re continuing our SEO Series this week by taking a closer look at meta descriptions. If you’re even remotely familiar with SEO, you’ve definitely heard these descriptions. They essentially serve as taglines for individual pages and posts on your sites.  Here’s a more technical definition from MOZ: “The meta description is an HTML attribute thatRead More»

Columbus CEO Future 50 Class of 2020!

We love sharing good news with our community of support. And we have some great news to share today!  Brad Griffith, our leader and president, has been selected to be one of the inaugural members of Columbus CEO’s Future 50.  For the past few months, Columbus CEO magazine has been accepting nominations to find thoseRead More»

Updating Your Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are great, aren’t they? You purchase a system, set it up the way you want, and get to work. And then you forget about it. It becomes one of the many things you use on a daily basis that you take for granted. That is, until something goes wrong or it no longerRead More»

Welcome, Krishna Mullapudi, Software Engineer! -- Join Our Team Resume Resume

Welcome, Melanie Muscolo, Administrative Coordinator!

Another one! We are thrilled to announce the addition of Melanie Muscolo to our team. Melanie’s smile and personality brightens up our office daily. Please enjoy her responses to the questions below!   Tell me about yourself! Where are you from? I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. Some of my favorite things areRead More»

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