Buckeye Interactive’s Story: The Beginning

Buckeye Interactive’s Story The saying goes – “Behind every successful company is an astounding team.” But more importantly, that astonishing team needs to be built. And the key to that is the leadership of the company. Vision and passion are the two catalysts that inspire an exceptional leader. For Buckeye Interactive, Brad Griffith has turnedRead More»

10 year anniversary

Buckeye Interactive’s 10 Year Anniversary

It’s May 2019. That means we, Buckeye Interactive, have been in business for 10 years. Yes, that’s right–we’ve been a digital partner for 10 wonderful and beautiful years. This is an important milestone for us to celebrate with everybody who helped us along the way, starting with our employees, our clients, our family and friends,Read More»


Top Plugins You Need for Your Site

50,000+ plugins. This post is mainly for our WordPress users. But, if you are not a WordPress fanatic, let this be an inspiration for you to possibly switch over in the near future. A plugin is “an add-on for a program that adds functionality to it.” And as noted above, WordPress has over 50,000 freeRead More»

Promoting Respect: Web Design Ethics

From development work to design strategy, we design websites with the user experience in mind. Every day, our team of developers and strategists and designers makes decisions pertaining to website design, both our own and that of our clients. But what goes on behind every decision? What do we take into account? How are ourRead More»

Lunch at Buckeye Interactive

Eating lunch at Buckeye Interactive is an essential aspect of team bonding. Unlike most companies, our team eats lunch together Monday through Friday. Eating lunch together gives us the opportunity to catch up on our lives outside of the office and discuss various topics of interest. For example, an entertaining subject our team likes toRead More»

Tech Terms: What is File Transfer Protocol?

FTP, IP, SMTP, or IMAP all have a unique purpose. Each acronym stands for a particular protocol.  A well-known protocol you may recognize and often utilize is HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol.  HTTP is used to access information, data, and files through a network such as the Internet. For this blog post on tech terms,Read More»

Our Office Playlists, Our Buckeye Culture

The working environment at Buckeye Interactive is similar to working environments elsewhere. Except for one thing–our music. We love music, and most of us can’t work without it. It’s a huge part of our culture, especially because all of our music tastes and office playlists differ. Sometimes, we spend an entire lunch discussing new genresRead More»

YouTube SEO: Video Optimization

Yes, YouTube SEO exists. Surprised? Don’t worry – we were, too, when we first delved into everything SEO-related. We thought Search Engine Optimization? Easy – it’s all about Google. While Google is the single most used search engine in the world, it’s obviously not the only one. To list a few, there’s Bing, Yahoo,,Read More»

Gender Bias in the Open Source Community

Gender bias. Stealing code. Racial discrimination. We’ve seen all of this in open source communities. And we know it involves ethics. Ethics is a subject that many talk about daily. Whether it is related to health, religious beliefs, or politics, oftentimes it coincides with the “grey area” topic. We’ll be focusing on certain ethical issuesRead More»

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Tech Terms: What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing. Two words that seem pretty straightforward, but do you truly understand them, apart and together? Let’s take a brief moment to dive deep into the meaning and break it down. Content is all information you push out to your target audience that gives them insight into your business. It is an engaging wayRead More»

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