Meet Our New and Returning Summer Interns

Tony (far left), Amara, Raymond, Tosha (far right) Summer is a great time to catch up on the great reads you have been savoring and knowledge you have been excited to gain. This warm-weather season in Columbus, Ohio is home to four great interns with Buckeye Interactive, who are all prepared to provide the bestRead More»

Gutenberg: A New WordPress Editing Experience

  If you follow the tech community like we do, you may have heard word going around about a new WordPress version coming out with an upgraded page editor nicknamed Gutenberg. Named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a movable type printing press hundreds of years ago, this new content editor also tries to revolutionize theRead More»

Staying Secure Online: Chrome Is Taking Big Steps For More Secure Websites

Imagine that while browsing through your favorite social media channel, a post on your feed shows a cool new product you discover you must have. You watch the video and click the link straight to their online store, fish out your credit card, and feverishly prepare to type in your numbers. But at that momentRead More»

Values I’ve Learned from Small Businesses

When I was a little girl, my parents moved our family to the United States of America. For five years, they worked tirelessly to ensure our safety, education, and stability. My mother worked in a sewing factory, and my father was a truck driver. Through their hard work, they managed to reach a level ofRead More»

How Much does a Website Cost?

Introduction By far, the most common question web development firms receive from first-time clients is “How much does a website cost?” Buying a website is a lot like buying a car. A Lamborghini will cost a lot more than a used Honda Civic. Each car has a specific purpose and price point; websites are theRead More»

Top 10 Free Horror Fonts

Whether using for seasonal-themed print collateral or in spooky email campaigns, having some awesome scary fonts at the ready can help inspire your inner ghoul (and result in a great final product!). I’ve compiled ten of my favorites, along with links to download each for free to try them out for yourself. Feast of Flesh CurseRead More»

Nuts & Bolts of Email Deliverability: How to Avoid Getting Blacklisted

I had no idea how many pieces (or acronyms) it takes to complete the puzzle of sending one email. Email deliverability is dependent on various factors that we do and do not control. For instance, if your company’s email is hosted on a shared server (and many are), your company’s email can be tagged asRead More»

The Ohio Machine Major League Lacrosse Team Names Buckeye Interactive Its Official Digital Service Provider

NEW ALBANY, Ohio (April 5, 2017) — Ohio Machine, of Major League Lacrosse (MLL), is partnering with Buckeye Interactive, a New Albany digital agency, for website design and development, social media strategy and training, email campaigns, and print promotions. “We are excited about the partnership with Buckeye Interactive. Buckeye will be working closely with ourRead More»

Favorite Sessions & Key Takeaways from SXSW 2017

Our team had a fun and jam-packed five days at SXSW 2017! Although we never get to see as much of the conference as we’d like, we experienced as much as we could and learned quite a bit. Paul  |  Ninja-Level Nerd Management My favorite talk was definitely Ninja Level Nerd Management, lots of goodRead More»

Buckeye Interactive receives two Achievement in Marketing Awards from the Columbus chapter of the American Marketing Association

NEW ALBANY, Ohio (February 6, 2017) — The Columbus chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) presented two awards to Buckeye Interactive for Achievement in Marketing in 2016: the Silver Award for the Web, Mobile & Interactive Division and the Bronze Award for the Digital Displays Category. These awards, among others, were announced at theRead More»

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