How to Get Rid of Jargon

To be clear, jargon refers to special words particular professions or groups use and are difficult for others to understand. Or, as my favorite jargon definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary states, “obscure and often pretentious language marked by circumlocutions and long words,” which makes me wonder if they were being tongue-in-cheek using jargon in theRead More»

WID Conference—An Amazing Experience

Recently, some Buckeye Interactive team members were fortunate to attend the Women in Digital (WID) conference. What an amazing experience it was to spend two days learning from and networking with both local and national women leaders in the digital space. Buckeye Interactive team member Amara Leggett had something she already knew underscored in aRead More»

Just Say No to Stock Photography

We understand — stock photos are easy to add to your visual content. And, in some cases, they are free! Easy and free. It doesn’t get any better, does it? But you can do better — better for your brand and for your visual content. Humans are visual creatures. We like pictures. Pictures are easyRead More»

lock and key

Do Small Businesses Need to Worry about Hacking?

Hacking instances, or breaches of security, can cost a business significant financial losses. It also causes damage to the company’s credibility, trustworthiness, and brand.   As technology becomes more and more necessary in our daily lives (I’m looking at you, Alexa), it’s no wonder why hackers are trying harder and harder to access personal information.Read More»

Why Are We Still Debating “Above the Fold” Design?

Back in the day, websites were perceived to have the same “fold” a newspaper does, meaning that anything “above the fold” was the most important news, and scrolling down for more information was considered “below the fold.” Not anymore. Today, the majority of web views are on mobile devices. Website layout and content should enticeRead More»

Social Media for Small Businesses

Even though social media plays such a large role in our lives, many small business owners are unclear about how to use social media to benefit their business. But if you’re going to “do” Facebook or Twitter, you want to make sure you do it right. It definitely reflects more poorly on your brand thanRead More»

Finding New Content for Your Website

There is still power in the written word. Are you publishing fresh and original content on your website? Doing so gives your audience a reason to come back and learn from you in addition to providing SEO value. But how do you do it? You may not have to spend hours creating new content. Check toRead More»

Past vs. Future of Public Relations

  Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing information flow between an organization and the public through communication channels. Today, social media is one of the ways this communication flow happens. But PR professionals have been communicating long before Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms were on the scene.   For example, beforeRead More»

2018 Big Table: Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Big Table provides an opportunity for central Ohio residents from all walks of life to attend conversations to build a strong and connected community. At Buckeye Interactive, we understand that technology advancements are impacting our community. With this in mind, join our founder, Brad Griffith, as he hosts this important conversation surrounding tech innovation,Read More»

Meet Our New and Returning Summer Interns

Tony (far left), Amara, Raymond, Tosha (far right) Summer is a great time to catch up on the great reads you have been savoring and knowledge you have been excited to gain. This warm-weather season in Columbus, Ohio is home to four great interns with Buckeye Interactive, who are all prepared to provide the bestRead More»

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