Meet Your Digital Partners.

Buckeye Interactive builds its team on the same values we use to build our business: ingenuity, collaboration, adventure, purpose, & well-being. We know talent when we see it, and that’s why our team is the cream of the crop. We’re good (phenomenal) at what we do, which is building digital solutions that foster growth for small businesses.

Our motto: “Challenge accepted.”

Brad Griffith

Dad, husband, leader
Makes homemade sushi
The Ohio State University

Taylor Cochran
Account Manager

Amateur hiker, pro nemophilist
Has a healthy obsession with her dog, Koda
The Ohio State University

Lorraine Shill
Office Manager

Keeps the Buckeye engine running
Spends weekends on the tennis court
SUNY Plattsburgh

Paul Tela
Lead Software Engineer

A digital magician
Half-marathon runner
The Ohio State University

Blake Williams
Software Engineer

Loyal Brother (see below)
Master of Front-End Engineering
The Ohio State University

George (Tony) Todoroff

Obsessed with typography
Horror movie connoisseur
Central Michigan University

Danielle Williams

Bona fide HGTV addict
Proud dog mom to Sergei Dogrovsky
Columbus College of Art & Design

Sara Sturgill
Marketing Intern

Typical INFP with a vivid imagination
Rice Cake Aficionado
Franklin University

Tony Duco
Software Engineering Intern

Resident Sports Enthusiast
Lives in the terminal
The Ohio State University