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Our Core Values Our core values are the foundation of our company, essential to our success, and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision.

Ingenuity. Be clever.

When building or designing websites, when managing clients, when writing copy–we strive to be clever and original. We face challenges not just by surviving them–we face challenges by solving them in ways no one has ever solved them before. We might even get the same challenge twice. But our solutions are never the same.

We’re dedicated to innovating our way around hurdles to delivering great results. We love what we do, and our hard work and passion drive us forward. We work efficiently and with purpose to create effective processes and products for our clients.

Initiative. Take action.

Each of us on the team is responsible for the quality of work we do, and we take it upon ourselves to see solutions through to completion. We rarely have all of the information or resources we need at first, but we take initiative to find those resources, pursue the best possible path, and find a solution.

If we see something that we think can be made better, we’re encouraged to actually do something about it. No matter how small the change is, or how daunting it might be, we take initiative to make our corner of the world a better place.

Collaboration. Work together.

Successful relationships require authenticity and transparency with appreciation for the value each of us offers. Engineering, design, and strategy are not distinct disciplines at Buckeye Interactive—they are processes and tools used together to achieve the greatest results.

We work together every step of the way to ensure we’re meeting our clients’ needs. Not only that, through our collaboration, we become a team, a family, a force. By making sure each person feels heard, we create an environment that’s uplifting and inspiring.

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Perspectives Just like humor, a little perspective can go a long way.